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Stages Of Labor And Delivery What To Expect!!

Stages Of Labor And Delivery: What To Expect!!

Stages of Labor The First Stage:- Pre-Labor During this stage, your contractions are helping the cervix to efface (thin out) and dilate (open) to form an opening 10 centimeters in width, through which the baby can pass. At the same time that the cervix is dilating, the contractions are helping move the baby deeper into …

Natural Childbirth – Is It Right For You

Natural Childbirth – Is It Right For You?

There is a lot of interest in natural childbirth these days. You hear about it on the news, in films or from other parents. If you are expecting your first child, you may be wondering if natural birthing is for you. What is Natural Childbirth? Natural childbirth delivery is based on the concept that adequately …

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