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Recaro Euro Convertible Car Seat Review

The Recaro Euro Convertible Car Seat is the newest convertible seat made by Recaro and it features RECARO’s world class Five Points of Safety System. The Euro car seat has passed the most stringent global safety standards for Side Impact Protection and is one of the safest car seats you can buy for your baby.

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  • Can Be Used Rear Facing Until 35 lbs and Forward Facing Until 70 lbs
  • Side Impact Tested
  • Exceeds Car Seat Safety Requirements
  • Protects Child’s Five Most Vulnerable Areas


  • Fabric must be hand washed rather than machine wash

Recaro Euro Convertible Car Seat Features

Designed to protect your child’s head, face, neck and torso, the Recaro Euro car seat has passed universal safety standards with the highest marks. The Recaro Euro car seat is available in four beautiful colors and the seat fabric is easy to clean and very breathable.

  • Side Impact Protection: Recaro’s side impact protection is designed to distinctly protect 5 vulnerable areas of a child in a side impact collision—their head, neck, face, torso and pelvis
  • Ergo Shell Structure: The Euro’s ergonomic shell is designed to offer child occupants the comfort qualities Recaro seats are known throughout the world for.
  • QuickPull Front Adjust Harness: Convenient frontally located harness adjuster allows for no-hassle harness adjustment
  • TrueLock Belt Lock-Off: Lock-off mechanism locks the vehicle seat belt in the belt path for optimum safety in the forward facing position.
  • EPS Foam: Expanded polystyrene “EPS” foam absorbs crash force energy through the Euro for added protection.
  • Highest Weight Limit Available: At 70 lbs, the Euro has one of the highest weight capacity available today utilizing a 5-point harness in a convertible car seat.
  • Rear facing 5 lbs-35 lbs, Forward facing 20 lbs-70 lbs
  • Push Button LATCH System
  • Built-In LATCH Storage System
  • Soft Harness Pads
  • Premium Rear-Facing Recline Lever
  • Universal Top Tether System

Recaro Euro Car Seat Specifications

  • Product Weight: 18 lbs.
  • Interior Seat Back Height: 25.75″
  • Interior Seat Width: 15″
  • Capacity Weight: 5-35 lbs. rear facing and 20-70 lbs. forward facing, standing height up to 50 inches tall

Car Seat Side Impact Protection

Recaro side impact protection protects 5 vulnerable areas of your child during a side impact collision.

  • Head: The pronounced head wings protect your child from the likelihood of serious head injuries caused by the side-to-side crash forces common during side impact collisions.
  • Face: Intruding objects, such as the door of a vehicle can cause harm to your child’s soft facial tissue.  Pronounced head wings provide a barrier between your child and intruding objects.
  • Neck: The proprietary head restraint and ergonomic shell limit lateral movement of your child’s neck during side impact collision, reducing the risk of neck and spinal cord injuries.
  • Torso: Your child’s torso is vulnerable to internal injuries during a side impact collision.  Pronounced side bolsters limit extreme side-to-side crash forces.
  • Pelvis: Recaro’s hip and thigh bolsters are designed to protect your child from pelvic fractures and muscle damage, which can occur during a side impact collision.

Recaro Euro Convertible Car Seat Safety Testing

The Euro is tested to and exceeds all US federal regulations for safety.  All Recaro seats are evaluated in our seating competency centers in both the US and Europe.

  • US federally mandated testing standards Recaro seats are required to meet
    • FMVSS 213: Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards For Child Restraint Systems
    • FMVSS 302: Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for Flammability of Interior Materials
    • Currently there are no US side impact testing standard requirement.  Recaro submits our child safety restraints for side impact testing through ADAC.  The Euro passes ADAC side impact testing standards.
    • ADAC: The most recognized Automotive Testing Organization in Europe for Side Impact Protection Testing
    • The Euro is certified for use in aircraft and can be used both rear and forward facing in the aircraft.

Cost: The Recaro Euro Convertible Car Seat retails for $229.99.

Recaro Euro Convertible Car Seat User Reviews

The Euro is Recaro’s newest convertible car seat and so far does not yet have many online reviews.  However, from the few online reviews that have been posted, the Euro has received a full 5 out of 5 star rating!

Once again users are thrilled with the quality and safety provided by Recaro car seats and really can’t find anything negative to say about the Euro car seat.  The Euro is easy to install, especially with the LATCH system, and the seat is super comfortable for children.  The seat is well padded and the side impact head wings provide great head support for when napping in the seat.  The 5-point harness straps are very easy to tighten and loosen and they even have a white line down the front of the straps so you will quickly notice if the straps have become twisted.

Most importantly, the seat is extremely safe and comes with many great safety features like side impact protection.  Although the United States does not require side impact testing for car seats, Recaro has tested the Euro using European side impact testing standards, and the seat has passed with flying colors.  The shell of the car seat is deep which will help protect your child from flying debris, and the seat is well padded with EPS foam.  As always, the Euro is a top quality car seat.

Recaro ProRide and the Recaro Euro Car Seat Differences

The Recaro ProRide car seat is a bit more expensive than the Euro and it also comes with a few features not found on the Euro.  The ProRide has a breathable mesh fabric, is made in the US, and has an easy turn knob to adjust the height and headrest of the seat.  The Euro needs to be rethreaded manually.  The Recaro Euro seat weighs 18 lbs and the ProRide weighs 20.5 lbs.

However, the Euro provides more seating space for larger children and comes with a seat width of 15 inches verses the ProRide’s 14 inch seat.  Also, the highest harness height on the Euro is an inch higher than on the ProRide—19.5 inches high for the Euro and 18.5 inches high for the ProRide.

Recaro Euro Car Seat Negatives

The only con so far for the Recaro Euro convertible car seat is that the seat fabric has to be washed by hand and since it is not safe for machine washing.



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