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Crying baby 7 Reasons for Baby Cry.

Crying baby? 7 Reasons for Baby Cry.

How To Soothe Your Crying Baby Some people get upset by a crying baby, others get annoyed and still others can turn a deaf ear! However you look at it, a crying baby is a call to action! That baby wants your attention NOW. It’s normal for babies to cry, it’s what they do. Crying …

Baby Diarrhea! 4 Common Causes!!

Baby Diarrhea! 4 Common Causes!!

Oh Oh! It’s Baby Diarrhea! You’ll know if your baby has diarrhea! Loose and frequent stools that come on suddenly are a good indication. If the situation persists for more than a day, your baby probably has a case of diarrhea. Don’t panic, it’s usually not too serious! What causes baby diarrhea? Your baby’s diarrhea …

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